Your hosting strategy - Choosing from self, managed, cloud, or serverless

How do you choose the best hosting options for your product or firm? This week, we discuss the thinking in a choice between self-hosting, managed hosting, cloud options, and the new buzz word: "serverless".

  • Don is headed to Gainesville for the Gator 100 ceremonies where both of his firms are being recognized as top 100 firms for growth by University of Florida alumni
  • Randy worked as a substitute teacher for the Northwestern Coding Bootcamp full-time program for two days
  • AspirEDU went straight to Heroku for their hosting
  • Randy started with a desktop computer that sat in the middle of the room, to a closet rack system, to outsourced co-location
  • Some of the biggest negatives of cloud vs in-house is cost or lack of control/flexibility
  • When Amazon Web Services East goes down, everyone seems to be going down at the same time, but you can let AWS techs take care of it
  • Nobody seems to talk about the dev ops people required to run a system if you switch away from a managed provider
  • Everytime you need to go directly to AWS, there's a significant time investment to get things launched
  • The less work our team handled on-site or on-team always had benefits from an efficiency standpoint
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